More Than a Test Score

Creative Mindset Productions Presents the documentary film MORE THAN A TEST SCORE with discussion.

Children’s futures are being judged by test scores, which are not reflective of their intelligence or potential and do not consider the aggravating factors or educational challenges that prohibit them from scoring well and result in them being discarded and disregarded. MORE THAN A TEST SCORE is an impactful behind the scenes and learning as many of the stories of everybody involved in a child’s educational journey.

Exploring the smaller interactions with people that live in the community to the more frequent and present day to day impressions of teachers, coaches, and administrators, this film depicts how the limitation and strain on funding and resources impacts the education gap at a very young age – shifting children from a world of possibilities to a world of limitations, because disparities in the school system lead to illiteracy, the inability to do math and a pipeline of poverty.

Connecting intimately with children and parents, the film illustrates how educating a child requires civic organization (above and beyond virtual and social media) through the engagement of varying resources, like agile learning models, social services, tutoring and innovative after school and educational programs, to assist children with their literacy, develop a community of supportive education and acknowledge and nurture the children’s gifts and talents is critical to bridge the educational gap.

Run- Time: 52 minutes

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Dec 16 2021


6:45 pm

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