The Miracle Theatre is located on Capitol Hill in the historic Barracks Row neighborhood. The original building, the Meader Theater, opened on December 27, 1909 as a vaudeville theatre with a mix of entertainment, including motion pictures and live performances. The building continued to operate as a movie theatre under several names until 1960: Meader, New Meader, Family and Academy. During the theatre’s many transitions and renovations it showed a variety of films including silent, triple-feature westerns and in the late 1950s, foreign films.

In 1962, The People’s Church purchased the building and served the Capitol Hill community for half a century. On March 23, 2011, National Community Church purchased it and embarked on a mission to revive the building’s rich history as a movie house and live entertainment destination.



The Miracle Theatre is a second-run movie theater and live performance venue, and the oldest movie theater in Washington, DC.

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