To insure an enjoyable entertainment experience for everyone at The Miracle Theatre, we ask the audience to comply with the following guidelines regarding electronic devices:

  • Silence all electronic devices before the film or performance begins.
  • If you need to receive or send a call or text message, please go to the lobby.
  • During live events when the artist has granted permission, personal cell phones or cameras may be used for photographic or video recording if done discreetly from your seat with no flash and if it is only for private, non-professional, non-commercial use. During films, photography and video are strictly prohibited.
  • Professional camera equipment is not allowed. This includes: cameras with removable lenses; video cameras requiring tripods, stands or additional gear; or audio devices requiring microphone booms, mixers or additional gear.
  • The theatre reserves the right to ask a customer to cease using such devices, confiscate such devices, and delete the contents of such devices. If the customer does not comply, he or she will be asked to leave the film or event without refund.
  • These are the guidelines of the theatre and it reserves the right to change these policies at any time without notice.